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Over 50 historical collections, archives and community members were involved in providing images and research for these interpretive panels.


The bricks at Edward Everett Square continue to share Dorchester voices and tell the history of local residents. We love what they say about our community!


“I never knew that!”

Student visiting Edward Everett
Square, 2009

“This is beginning to look like someplace special.”

Neighbor on Sumner Street, 2010


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It Matters!
Learn About Edward Everett Square


Five informational panels are placed in the Square near the artwork to tell the story of Dorchester & Edward Everett Square. They are also available here for you to read.

To help tell the story of Dorchester and share the background of the project artwork, 5 interpretive panels were created for Edward Everett Square. Each of the informational panels is filled with images, text and quotes which describe themes of Dorchester’s land, people, community activism and legacy. They weave the history of Dorchester with issues that remain vital and current within the community, and share the background and reasons for the artwork. The panels are an important way for local residents and visitors alike to learn about, and value, Dorchester and where they live.

Download these PDFs to see and read each panel:

Images on the panels come from personal collections and archives from historic and cultural organizations. Generous support from the Grassroots Open Space Grant Program supported the creation of these informational panels.