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Dorchester Clapp Pear in Edward Everett Square

The sculpture of the Dorchester Clapp pear was created by artist Laura Baring-Gould to help promote an understanding of Dorchester history, and was installed in 2007 as part of the redesigned Edward Everett Square. The unlikely juxtaposition of a 12’ bronze pear within this 5 street intersection  (marked by a Kentucky Fried Chicken, Dunkin Donuts, three-deckers and historical buildings) has now become a community landmark which tells the early agricultural history of Dorchester as fertile farmland and orchards. The original Dorchester Clapp pear was first cultivated in these orchards in the mid 1800’s, and was known for its sturdy, tough skin, and sweet and juicy interior. As such, the artwork also is an apt metaphor for the people of Dorchester who are known for both their resiliency and deep community spirit.

Image courtesy of Laura Baring-Gould