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The Waste Management Corporation generously supports the maintenance of the Edward Everett Square sculptures and landscape.


“This is all about who we are as Bostonians.”

Senator Jack Hart, 2010



City of Boston
Thomas M. Menino, Mayor
Boston Art Commission
Department of Public Works
Department of Parks and Recreation

Grant Funding / Donors
City of Boston Edward Ingersoll Browne Fund Commission
City of Boston Grassroots Open Space Program
Bricklayers Local 3 Apprentice Program
Waste Management Corporation
Inscribed Brick Subscribers
Anonymous Donors

Community Participants
Vision for Edward Everett Square, Inc.
Edward Everett Square Project Committee

Laura Baring-Gould Studios
Bricklayers & Allied Craftsmen Union Local 3 Apprentice Program
Plumbers Union Local 12
Dorchester Reporter

Elected Officials
State Senator Jack Hart
 (to 2013)
State Representative Marty Walsh
State Representative Nick Collins

State Representative Brian Wallace (to 2010)

State Representative Marie St Fleur (to 2010)
City Councilor Maureen Feeney
 (to 2011)
City Councilor Bill Linehan
City Councilor Frank Baker
City Councilor Tito Jackson

Design and Development

Urban Design
Icon Architecture
Edwards & Kelcy
Laura Baring-Gould Studios
Bryant Associates
Bricklayers & Allied Craftsmen Union Local 3 Apprentice Program
Spaulding Brick
Monti Granite
Pine Street, Anchor Inn Volunteers
Mario Souza Construction
SiteCreative Landscape Design
ValleyCrest Landscape Development
Park Landscape Associates, landscape maintenance
Trimount Ironworks
R&R Landscape Co.

Public Artwork
Laura Baring-Gould, Public Artist, Project Manager for Interpretative Outreach

To conceptualize, design and fabricate the artworks, Laura Baring-Gould worked with the following individuals and organizations:

Community interviews and oral histories:
John McColgan, EES Committee
Rich Tyson, EES Committee
Armando Gaitan, EES Committee
Earl Taylor, Dorchester Historical Society
Ellen Berkland, City of Boston Archeologist
Joan Tye, Eastman Elder Civic Association
Kristen Alexander, Jones Hill Civic Association
Hon Maureen Feeney, Boston City Council
Hon Marty Walsh, State Representative
Lincoln Smith
John Egan, neighbor
Kathy Marsten, neighbor
Lydia Larson, neighbor
Malinda Blustain, neighbor
Noel and Bella McKenna, Jones Hill
Charles Swift, Historic Neighborhoods
Mr. Kim Van Dang, President Vietnamese-American Community of Massachusetts
Gil Solomon, Massachuset-Ponkapoag Tribal Council
Jim Peters, Director, Commission on Indian Affairs
Linda Coombs, Wampanoag Indigenous Program, Plimoth Plantation
Daryl Wixon, Hobbamock Village, Plimoth Plantation
Peter Van Do, American Studies Umass Boston
Irving Bartlett, Edward Everett Scholar
Jim Cooke, Edward Everett Scholar
Father Nick, Saint Margaret’s Parish

Community Partners/Community Organizations for specific artworks:

Clapp’s Favorite Pear
Jerzy Boyz Organic Farm and Orchard, Chelan Oregon
Fred Moffit, Pear grower, Lake Wenache
Massachusetts Horticultural Society

William Hoffman, Massachusetts Division of Marine Fisheries
Shawn P. Good, Vermont Fish & Wildlife Department
William Leavenworth, Marine historian
Stefan Claesson, UNH Fish History Project
Karen Alexander, UNH Fish History Project
Ann Smrica, Stellwagon Bank National Marine Sanctuary

Three Sisters/Corn, Beans and Squash
Gil Solomon, The Massachusets Ponkapoag Tribal Council
Danielle Andrews, Amin Steel and Michael Iceland, The Food Project

Mr. Kim Van Dang, President Vietnamese-American Community of Massachusetts
Mr. Nam Pham, Vietnamese Cultural Center
Ms. Hao Bui
Viet Aid
Barbara Lewis, The Trotter Institute, Umass Boston
Elaine Grubin, Massachusetts Historical Society
LeMerche Frazier, Museum of African American History
Boston Public Library, Uphams Corner branch

Jim Johnson, Civil War historian
Mary Daly, New England Genealogical Society

Dog Tags
Elizabeth Mock and Dale Freeman, Umass Boston Archives
Iwona Londono, Mother of Daniel Londono
Dog Tagg review Committee:

Smedley Butler Peace Brigade
Kevin Bowen, William Joiner Center for the Study of War and Social Consequences, Umass Boston
Joe Zink, Dorchester Vietnam War memorial
Eugene Vallencourt, City of Boston Department of Veterans Services

Edward Everett, Lucy Stone, William Monroe Trotter
Jim Cooke, Edward Everett Scholar
Elaine Grubin, Massachusetts Historical Society
Barbara Lewis, The Trotter Institute, Umass Boston
Kerri Greenidge, Trotter Biographer
Stephen Fox, Trotter Biographer
Boston University Archives
Judith Black, storyteller and historian
Joelle Million, Lucy Stone Scholar
American Antiquarian Society

Mike Ginns, CannonBall Foundation
RR Lally, Baseball History
Bijan Bayne, Baseball scholar
Bob Richardson, The Boston Globe sports writer
Jim Collyer, Jared Blandino, All Dorchester Sports League
State Rep Marty Walsh

Survivors/Little House
Clementina Cheri, Founder Lewis Brown Peace Institute
Isuara Menedes, Founder Bobby Menedes Peace Fund
Maria Cardoso, Mother of Claudio Cardoso
Ann Nee, Little House
Marianne Kimball, Little House
Little House classroom 2004, 2005, 2006.
Mark Culliton, College Bound Dorchester
Sherry Levine, College Bound Dorchester

Noel and Bella McKenna, Jones Hill
Anne Gilman, neighbor
Ellen Berkland, neighbor

Dorchester Triple Decker
Anne Nee, neighbor
Charles Swift, Historic Neighborhoods
City Councilor Maureen Feeney

Research and Historical Partners
Massachusetts Horticultural Society
Dorchester Historical Society
Boston Public Library, Boston and Uphams Corner
City of Boston Archives
Dorchester Historical Society
Mashantucket-Pequot Museum
City of Boston Archeology Lab
Commonwealth, Museum and Archives
Museum of African American History
Massachusetts Historical Society, Edward Everett Papers
Historical New England
University of Massachusetts, Collection on Dorchester Pottery works and Dorchester Artifacts
The Bostonian Society (List? I only emailed them)
Boston Public Library
Baseball Hall of Fame
Negro League Baseball Museum

Artwork Quotes and Review:
Edward Everett Square Committee
Earl Taylor, Dorchester Historical Society
Barbara Martin, Museum of Fine Arts Education Department
Wendy Baring-Gould, Boston Center for the Arts
Andre Bredbeck, Artist, writer
Karen Speerstra, Editor

Project Assistants, Interns
Amy Grasso, Umass Boston
Lia Rousett, Umass Boston
Lauren Holmgren, Massachusetts College of Art
Kest Schwartzman, Massachusetts College of Art

Artwork Fabrication and Installation:
Laura Baring-Gould Studios
Paul Cavanagh, Paul King Foundry, Johnston RI
Equestrian Forge, Leesburg, VA
Asia Fine Arts Foundry, Bang Pahaan, Thailand
VIF Design, Taling Chan, Thailand
Fatima Design, Taling Chan Thailand
Stonybrook Studio, Jamaica Plain, Boston

Artwork and Historic Interpretation:
Bluerae Creative, Inc., graphics design
Writers Maureen Albano, John McColgan, Earl Taylor, Wendy Baring-Gould, Laura Baring-Gould
Gonzalez Ornamental Iron, signage frames

Historic and photographic collections for Historic Interpretation:
Dorchester Historical Society
Umass Boston Archives and Special Collections
Massachusetts Historical Commission
Commonwealth Museum and Archives
Historic New England
The Boston Globe Library
American Antiquarian Society
Harvard University
Schlesinger Library/ Radcliff Institute
Museum of Fine Arts Boston
Boston Public Library
Library of Congress
Fruitlands Museum
Granger Collection
United Steel Workers/Boston Taxi Drivers Association
College Bound Dorchester
Mass Memories
Meetinghouse Hill Reunion web site and photo gallery
Massachusetts Department of Fisheries
William Monroe Trotter institute
W. E. B. Dubois Library, Umass Amherst
Cannonball Jackman Foundation
All Dorchester Sports League
Massachuset-Ponkapoag Tribal Council
Paul Fleming
Karl Bossi
Bob Ruggo
Louise Varnerin DiTullio

Special Thanks to Special People

Bricklayers, Local 103

Waste Management
Ronald DeFrancheschi

City of Boston
Bob Astrella, Public Works
Joe Byrne, Trust Office
Chantal Charles, Trust Office
Ken Crasco, Parks & Recreation
Leif Fixen, Parks & Recreation
Bob Fleming, Trust Office
Karin Goodfellow, Boston Art Commission
Sarah Hutt, Boston Art Commission
Para Jayasingh, Public Works
Mike Manning, City Councilor Maureen Feeney’s Office
Andria Post-Ergun, Neighborhood Development Grassroots Open Space Program
Lauren Smythe, Mayor’s Office of Neighborhood Services
Cheng Imm Tan, Mayor’s Office of New Bostonians
Kelly Thomas, Parks & Recreation

James Gonzalez, Gonzalez Ornamental Ironworks
Stephanie Hubbard, Site Creative Landscape Architecture
Aaron Legg, Trimount Ironworks
Patrick Maloney, Park Landscape Associates
Tracy Mazuca, Bluerae Creative
Lisa Scoville, Bluerae Creative
Kim Turner-Green, ValleyCrest Landscape Development
Bob Bankowski, R&R Landscape Co.